Logan's Micro Distillery

Award Winning Hand Made Small Batch Artisan Spirits

Made from 100% Natural Ingredients


About Us

We've taken our passion of following a self sustaining culture of permaculture, and a love of full flavored natural ingredients and turned it into an amazing learning experience of developing a small artisan hobby business. We love the trial and error that goes into perfecting our spirits, different Gins, infused Vodkas, and rich Liqueurs.

We have a large focus on being sustainable, any grains that are used to make our washes are drained and fed to our chickens. The liquid left over after distillation is complete makes an excellent fertilizer and gets spread over our trees and plants that we grow to flavour our produce. We grow our own citrus and stone fruits, chilies, berry shrubs, bison grass, and a few select herbs and spices.

Always researching and developing new products, we'd love to hear your thoughts on what you love from your favourite spirits, perhaps collaborating and creating a custom once-off batch for you as a result.

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A collection of our delicious hand made artisan spirits, ones currently available and details of past creations. 

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Being a small hobby business we like to keep it simple - you'll find us at local Farmers Markets, or feel free to send us a message if you'd like to purchase from us directly.

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